Board of Directors

The current Directors of CCEA are:

  • Dr Michael Shobbrook – Chairperson
  • Ms Maria Keys – Deputy Chairperson
  • Dr Peter Cowie – Treasurer
  • Emeritus Prof Stefan Pallister – Executive Member
  • Dr Kristin Grace - Executive Member
  • Dr Rob Brydges
  • Prof Donald Byrne
  • Dr Terry Crisp
  • Dr Noel Dawson
  • Dr Rob Dominguez
  • Dr Dein Vindigni
  • Assoc Prof Bruce Walker


The current Members of CCEA are:

  • the New Zealand Chiropractic Board;
  • the Chiropractors' Association of Australia;
  • the New Zealand Chiropractors' Association;
  • invited members of the chiropractors profession; Australian and New Zealand chiropractic teaching institutions; another regulated health profession; and senior independent persons in education, business or the community.


The Board of Directors has established the following five Committees to assist with its functions.

Executive Committee

  • Dr Michael Shobbrook - Chairperson
  • Ms Maria Keys - Deputy Chairperson
  • Dr Peter Cowie - Treasurer
  • Dr Kristin Grace
  • Dr Stefan Pallister

Accreditation Committee

  • Emer Prof Stefan Pallister - Chairperson
  • Dr Robyn Beirman
  • Professor Don Byrne
  • Dr Peter Cowie
  • Dr Terry Crisp
  • Dr Kristin Grace
  • Dr Amanda Kimpton
  • Dr Tom Molyneux
  • Mr Russell Noud
  • Dr Michael Webb
  • Dr Michael Shobbrook (ex officio)

Chiropractic Overseas Assessment Committee

  • Dr Barry Draper - Chairperson
  • Dr Jeffrey Cooley
  • Dr Rosemary Giuriato
  • Dr Kristin Grace
  • Dr Michael Shobbrook
  • Dr Mark Uren

Legal/Constitution/Policy Committee

  • Dr Michael Shobbrook - Chairperson;
  • Dr Peter Cowie
  • Ms Maria Keys
  • Dr Bryce Conrad


The activities of the Council on Chiropractic Education Australasia Ltd are supported by:

  • Ms Rachel Portelli, Executive Officer and Assessments Manager
  • Ms Rachel Adkins, Accreditation Manager
  • Ms Denise Easton, Administrative Support